Night Off

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I’ve got the night off from rehearsals tonight, which is great.  I’m working on catching up.  I got a lot of work done for Broadway Title’s new website today.  They have a domain name now, and the base of the site is up and running.   I just need to get some more content from them now.

I am also working on the program for The Sound of Music.  It’s coming up at the end of the month and should be a great show.  If you’re not going to Boonville, you should come see it.  I need to get with the play’s director about the cast list.  I think it’s a bit shorter than when we started, which will help me out a lot.

I also need to get some projects ready for Open Class.  They have to be submitted on Saturday, so I’ll be a very busy person tonight, even though I’m “not” working.

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