Germs are No Fun!

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I’m still fighting the ever lovin’ cold, but today is much better than yesterday.  I’m still medicated with the OTC cold and sinus medications, but I am at least able to go to work today. 

They closed most of the offices from 10-12 today for some big announcement.  I’m still not sure what that announcement was.  There was some entertainer there, and I guess he did a good job.  Most of the crowd seemed amused.  I just wish I could have understood what he was saying.  I was taking crowd photos, so unfortunately, between the acoustics of my location and my cold, I have no idea what was going on.

I guess they made an announcement at some point… but I could swear that the President said to “Party On!”  I know, good medication, right..?

On the plus side, between bouts of semi-consciousness yesterday, I did manage to get my Etsy store set up.  I don’t have too many items posted.  Only ones I already had photos of, because I just didn’t feel like taking product photos yesterday. 

Anybody out there have any fast working/magic cold remedies?  I would love to feel back to myself before Improv on Thursday night.  And feel up to making some more cute items for the shoppe.

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