Craft Month 2011- Day 31 – Decorating Your Pet

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Ok, so today, I’m not really decorating my cat… just her collar, but the collar will make her decorative.  For this project all you need is a collar appropriate for your pet, and the stuff to make a fabric flower.

For my flower, I started with a rolled center, which I covered in beads.  Since it was for the cat, I did seal the beads with some dimensional magic.  The edges of the flower were made using single petals, hot glued.  I then attached a piece of felt to the back to wrap around the collar, so that the flower can be taken off, if needed.

For my flower, I chose a color that went with Mouse’s natural colors, but you could use any color you want.  Matt still thinks it should have been bright yellow so that the cat would look more “happy.”  I do worry about him sometimes.

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