Fashion Friday – Modern Workwear

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I haven’t done a Fashion Friday in a while, and well… I really like to do them… so I think I’ll try to do about one of these or so a month.  If you like these posts, please leave a comment.  I’d like to know I’m not just doing them for my own entertainment.

This month’s look comes mostly from The Limited.

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

But I am also wearing my awesome snakeskin heels by Mossimo from Target.

5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – Modern Workwear”

  1. Just getting around to checking your blog after the weekend. I always like your Fashion Fridays and most of your other posts. I’m sure lots of people read your posts, could be that some people are speechless after reading them, I am sometimes :)….how about a “I read this” button?

    1. I’ll look into that. In the mean time, If you “share” it by using the buttons for facebook, twitter, google +1, etc. I’ll know you read it.

      And, I can actually tell how many people have been to any given page with google analytics, but it’s still difficult to determine if it was an actual person or a spam bot. Plus, people could read it and hate it and never come back.

      Oh well!

      1. I might share sometimes when there’s a post I really really like….as for google+…you don’t even share there, I just checked it..looks like the last time you were on was the day you started…..anyway I do enjoy your blog.

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