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Each year the Gibson County Extension Homemakers sponsors the Gibson County Fair Open Class Exhibits.  This year I have a photo for every one of the photo categories – one of the many pluses of documenting everything I do for my blog.

I have two nature photos, one black and white and one color.

A Rose by Any Other Name. Black & White Nature Photo

On the Vine. Color Nature Photo

I also have both a black and white, and color portrait to exhibit.

Dressed for War (Reenactment). Color Portrait

Self-Portrait. Black & White Portrait

It was a little tough, with the types of things I’ve been documenting in the last year, but I also managed to find myself a color and black & white animal photo – even if they are both of my neighbor Bob’s chickens.

Chick Feed. Color Photo

Cock of the Walk. Black & White Photo

I also pulled out a couple nice structure photos.  Both of them came from the Color Week Challenge I did a few weeks ago.

Handicapped. Color Photo

Fence. Black & White Photo

For the Human Interest category, I pulled out some photos I took of the last two GCTC Productions.

In English, Charlie! Color Photo

Hickory Nuts! Black & White Photo

The Unclassified category was pretty difficult to find photos for, mostly because almost every time I found something I wanted to use, I decided it really would fit into another category.  I finally decided on a shot of the HOPE sign from Relay for Life and black and white of some food.

HOPE. Color Photo

In a Pickle. Black & White Photo

Last but not least was the digital art (manipulated photo) category.  This is always the hardest category for me.  Partly, because I do work on a computer for a living, I find it difficult to determine exactly what computer manipulated means.  Especially, since I always start from a color photo to get to black and white, and I often color correct the rest of my photos… does that mean they’re manipulated?  Since we are required to provide a 4×6 of the original, I decided it needed to be something a little more obvious.  So, this is what I came up with.

Original Image for Digital Manipulation

Edited Photo with color enhancements, and another overlaid image.

Now lets hope I can find enough photo mats.  Are you submitting any photos to Open Class this year?  What is your favorite subject to photograph?

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  1. No photos, but I think I am going to submit a cross stitch I did for Mattison’s room and a baby blanket sized rag quilt. This will be the first time I’ve exhibited in open class.

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