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Thanks to a recent episode of Sewing with Nancy, I’ve decided I want to try out some fancy new feet for my sewing machine. I’m so glad I remembered to set my DVR. Apparently the local PBS thinks they should run the sewing shows at 6 o’clock on Saturday mornings. Crazy people. Don’t they know I’m sleeping then? Oh well… I think that’s what DVR was invented for. It’s safe to say the DVR has been a lifesaver and a money saver for me over the years. Anyone who has read the free tv guide on Infinity Dish will be well aware of the cost-cutting capabilities of a DVR!

But back to the show. I can’t express how excited I was to watch the latest episode of Sewing With Nancy. I was surprised to see Nancy did a new installment of Fancy Footworks, where she talked about cool feet you can get for your sewing machine. And there are a few that I think I need to have. Well… maybe not need… but we’ll tell my husband that I do.

Daisy Flower Stitch Foot

I would love to have a Daisy Flower Stitch Foot. It allows you to use some of the regular stitches on your machine to create awesome decorative floral designs.

I’m picturing a cute garden of flowers as the center of a block design. Or just using the designs as a way to embellish my next crazy quilt. Crap… did I say next crazy quilt… I must have lost my mind. (And yes, I’m thinking about making another one – just lap sized – to use up more of my many scraps.)

Rolled Hem Foot

A rolled hem foot does exactly what you would think. You use it to create a rolled hem. And, since I’ve taken up sewing clothes lately, I can’t help but think that a rolled hem foot would be an invaluable tool. Even if the only thing it does is keep me from having to measure my hem every inch or two, so I can make sure it’s even.

A nice tutorial on using a rolled hem foot from SewElectra.

Home Decor Feet

Something else I could use is a nice set of home decor feet. (I hope my husband is taking notes.) After making that Amy Butler Weekender Bag (you can get your pattern here), it would be really nice to have a foot meant to make cording. I mean, you can totally do it with a basic zipper foot, but I always seem to have problems with getting my zipper foot to stay right next to zippers and cording.

A set like this comes with some other useful feet, like an invisible zipper foot – something I have totally needed for my last two sewing projects. Again, I just seem to have issues with getting basic zipper feet to agree with me.

And who doesn’t want to have ruffler and gathering feet? I know a gathering foot would have saved me quite a bit of time on my gathered skirt. And a ruffler would be awesome for creating some great details to really finish off some of my garments and accessories.

Do you have a specialty sewing foot that you just can’t live without? What tips or tricks do you have to use it for more efficiently? Are they any fun and quirky ways you have used a specialty foot for more than it’s intended use?

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