Rosalie in Progress

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I’ve got a quilt project I should be working on right now.  It’s the Rosalie pattern, which is a super great way to make a quilt with hexies without having to do y-seams.

I’m even using it as a stash buster, cutting the large hexies out of all different fat quarters.

rosalie in progress

But for some reason, I’m just not as in love with it as I thought I would be.  So, I haven’t worked on it lately.  How do you get out of a sewing funk to finish a project you might not love?  Or find your love for a project again?


4 thoughts on “Rosalie in Progress”

  1. I have this problem sometimes! I try and remind myself that usually I end up liking the project once it’s finished. Maybe put it aside officially for a while so you aren’t feeling like you should be doing it and go back to it in a while? Or power through with a favourite movie on in the background?!
    I love that quilt design- looks like it will be gorgeous!!

  2. I also do this a lot. I make jewelry, and can design something in my head, that sounds like it will be a hit, and when I try to make it, it doesn’t work out, and I quit. Usually I can go back later, tear it apart and do something different, and love it.
    I used to make quilts, and I can tell you if the colors weren’t to my liking, I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it. You’rs is quite beautiful, you should finish it.

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