Triangle Quilt Along: Week 3

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It’s the third week of the Triangle Quilt Along over at The Sassy Quilter.

This week’s goal is to sew all of the triangles into rows, and I am happy to report that I am once again right on schedule.  I sewed together 14 rows of 19 triangles… well mostly. I can’t sew a few of my rows into entire rows because my large triangles are 2 rows tall. They will get added when I sew those double rows together.

triangle quilt rows

As I’ve pieced these triangles together, I keep feeling like this is the perfect palette for this time of year.  The snows seem to finally be over, but now there are days and days of dreary rain, with a few bright spots or color as the first of the flowers begin to appear.  Maybe I’m more affected by my surroundings when I design than I thought. What do you think?

triangle quilt rows

triangle quilt rows

Have you joined in the #TriangleQAL? How is your project going?

16 thoughts on “Triangle Quilt Along: Week 3”

    1. The cutting size in 4 of the smaller triangles pieced together. Or if it makes more sense to you, take three sewn together in a row, the longest side of that row is the length of the sides of the larger triangle. I’ve had several people ask, so I’m thinking I’ll do a tutorial.

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