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My weekly update on projects progress.


This is the second week in a row that I haven’t had any finishes.  It’s almost depressing. But I have a decent excuse for the lack of sewing.  My birthday was yesterday, so I’ve spent lots of my spare time this week out shopping with mom, going to dinner with dad and the like.

Finished Quilt Tops:

I did start the quilting on the triangle quilt this week.  It is taking longer than I would like, because I’m doing much denser quilting than I normally do when quilting projects myself.

No progress on any of my other quilts.


Quilt Tops in Progress:

Still no progress on the Impromptu-along quilt that I started last year as part of an ImAGingerMonkey sew-along, or my Christmas crazy quilt.

#impromptualong blocksChristmas Crazy Quilt

I did at least pull fabric for my #dyosampler project. I’m always amazed at how much fabric I have when I start pulling it for projects.

dyo sampler fabric

What are you working on right now?

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14 thoughts on “Works in Progress”

  1. Happy Birthday. You have so many projects to choose from. That’s when I have a hard time picking something to work on. Good luck! I have a self selected sampler coming up this year too. The only downside is that I can’t start it until after my maples are done. Maybe in May…

    1. I always have a hard time deciding what to work on too… though it usually ends up being whatever has a deadline or is on top of the pile. Good luck getting those maples done.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a splendid day.
    I notice that a lot of your fabrics are grey and white…I love grey too. A lot of my friends say “oh grey is depressing” but to me it is warm and snuggly. I’ve never used grey in a quilt before though, you’ve given me an idea!

    1. Grey is an amazing color to use in a quilt. I’m noticed that a lot of modern quilters like to use shades of grey as their background fabric, but I love bringing it to the front. I have especially enjoyed pairing neutrals with just a pop or two of color in my last few projects.

    1. I certainly didn’t. I took the whole day off from sewing. I had to go to work, which took up the majority of my day, but then had a nice dinner out with my dad in the evening.

  3. Looks like you are coming along just fine with all your projects. We wish we could work on all of them at once, but it’s just not possible! You have already know I’m working on a new Pearl Bracelet quilt. I have a solids quilt that I will work on next!

    1. That sounds fun too! I love seeing quilts in all solids, but I’ve yet to make one. I’m not sure I could stand staring at the solids for so long when making the quilt.

  4. Happy Birthday Week! 🙂 Good luck with quilting your triangle quilt – I haven’t started but am also planning a relatively dense quilting ‘strategy’ . . . Can’t wait for your big reveal!

    1. Well, I’m sure that most people wouldn’t consider the quilting that I’m doing dense, but it is for me. Anything that I want to have truly dense quilting, I send out for FMQ.

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