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This is two weeks in a row without any finishes or progress I can share.  I’m starting to feel a little lazy, especially when I look at all the accomplishments that everyone else makes each week.

Finished Quilt Tops:

I still have 3 finished quilt tops that need quilting.  If anyone wants to donate funds so I can send a couple of these off to the quilter, I would appreciate it.  Otherwise, it may be a while before a few of these get completed.


Quilt Tops in Progress:

I did make progress on my communique quilt top this week. I finished several more sections, and might be able to get the top finished over the weekend.

communique quilt progress

Once I get that top finished, I’m going to MAKE myself finish the at least one of my UFOs. It will probably be the Impromptu quilt, because it won’t require me to do any hand work. And I’m just not feeling the hand work for my Christmas quilt right now.

#impromptualong blocksChristmas Crazy Quilt

What are you working on right now?

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12 thoughts on “Works in Progress”

  1. Oh, those are nice! I really love the aqua top with the pieced strip. I might borrow your idea in the future, hee hee.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and alerting me to the fact that I hadn’t actually posted a full shot of my own quilt top. I fixed it. 🙂

  2. So many lovely projects! I have 7 quilt tops waiting to be quilted! I think it is a requirement to be a legit quilter to have a few quilt tops in the quilting queue!

  3. Quilting is my favorite part–I never have quilt tops piling up. Plus I’m a finisher–I like to check things off, get them out of the way, put things away and then start something new–too many WIPs and I feel stressed and anxious.

    1. I feel a bit that way about mine. The biggest problem I have is that several of those tops have lots of negative space which will need some dense quilting and I don’t have the funds to send them out to the quilter yet.

    1. Thanks so much Nancy. I’ve got a bright orange linen to back it, so I think it will make a really nice summer quilt. Maybe it will even get used for picnics.

  4. So many quilts, so little time:) Not a lot of finishes over here either. I do have three quilts basted so I am trying not to start anything new and just quilt, quilt, quilt! I do mine myself, but would like to send a big one I have out to be quilted….a little nervous about it though.

    1. I use JoAnna (@BustyLarue on Twitter). I have to ship them to Utah, but she does an amazing job, and I haven’t had any issues with the shipping.

  5. Great progress on the Communique quilt top, Andrea! It has such a modern feel! Looking forward to seeing it completed. Do you have a walking foot for your machine? Wondering if you would consider quilting on your own home machine.

    1. I don’t have a walking foot, but I do have a darning foot, with which to attempt FMQ. I’ve just not really ever tried it before. I figured at some point I’d make some pot holders sometime to try out some ideas.

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