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This weekend, a family friend was nice enough to give me some of her mom’s old sewing stash.


I had so much fun going through everything. Check out these amazing fabrics. I’m especially in love with the wool in the center. It might make a great coat or a fun bag.


And there were also some fantastic accents. I’m loving these buttons.


And how could you not love this ribbon/lace?

heart ribbon lace

And if you need eyelets in something, I’m your girl.

eyelet punch

But the part you will be totally jealous of is the big brown grocery bag full of vintage patterns.

vintage patterns

I’m excited because several of these are actually my size, but there are quite a few children’s and embroidery patterns too, so expect those to get sent out soon.  Thanks again to Kaye for sharing from her mom’s stash.  I love getting to work with vintage fabric.  What’s your favorite piece you’ve found from a friend’s stash?

7 thoughts on “Adding to the Stash”

  1. The best thing I “inherited” was definitely a gorgeous piece of real Senegalese wax-resist batik! An online friend sent me a bunch of her impulse buys, and there was actually enough yardage there to use as borders for 2 twin-size quilts.
    Also, a friend gave me some buttons from her stash, dark blue with a pattern almost like raspberries on them. They looked so delicious I just had to use them, and if that blouse ever wears out I’ll have to use them in a quilt or something.

  2. Your new stash addition reminds me of what I inherited from my mom’s 50+ years of sewing clothing. The “belt hole” instrument with the grommets are one. Let me know if you ever find a way to use them! Also, all the lace and buttons…I’ve used a lot of the buttons and some of the lace on crazy quilts, and decorating aprons and such, but I still have so much. She used to buy stuff like that at garage sales! So, I’m open to ideas.

      1. Great idea! I do have small bits of lace, as well as large quantities of it, and I’ve been talking to my daughter about jewelry repair and making. I was already planning on gettingsome tools and supplies for doing that soon, so I’ll include earring hooks and small chains. Thanks!

  3. My favorite addition to my stash as far as fabric went, was fabric from clothing that she wore, or that she made for me. That held special memories. I use some of her fabric in a crazy quilted bag that I made for my sister’s 70th birthday. It meant a lot to her, too.

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