Friday Favorites – Industrial Chic

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My friend Natasha of The Houseful of Nicholes just bought a house, so my social media feeds have been full of updates on her progress of designing and decorating her home. That got me thinking – my husband and I don’t own our own house yet, but wouldn’t it be great to know what style I was looking for in a home?

Time to head to Pinterest! I have several feeds with ideas for what I want in my future house. I find it so much easier to divide things out by room – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, sewing/crafting area, office, living space – than to have everything in one giant pinboard.

Of course, it had been ages since I’d really opened up those boards and looked around, so the first thing I did was to remove the pins that  didn’t work for me anymore. There were a surprising number of them – along with a few duplicates. Once that was done, I was really able to take a look at the decor style that spoke to me.

home pinboard January 2015

Apparently I really love Industrial Chic. It’s the little slice of the venn diagram that lives between industrial design and shabby chic. Of course I’m going to throw in a little steampunk for good measure. Who doesn’t love gears?

industial rustic venn diagram

For me it’s things like reclaimed wood, exposed brick, and lots of metal offset with soft lighting and warm paint tones, with the occasionally esoteric accent thrown in.

industrial rustic decorAs a matter of fact, I love exposed brick so much, I have a tendency to take photos of it wherever I go, and for no other reason than because I think it’s pretty.

exposed brick in the old theatre

exposed brick in the old theatre

Those other design elements are a lot harder to find near home, but I still love them. What is your favorite home decor style? Do you have a look you are going for in your home?

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