Booklr Questions – Do you have any signed books?

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Do you have any signed books?

I don’t currently own any books that are signed by the author, however several of the books in my collection are inscribed to me. And for some reason those inscriptions mean more to me than any author’s signature ever could.


That isn’t to say that there are a few authors I would love to meet and have sign my books.

I’d love to have Neil Gaiman sign my leather-bound edition of American Gods and Anansi Boys. And I’d also enjoy having David Sedaris sign one of his books for me.

Though honestly, as nice as signed books are, I would rather that my favorite authors spent that time writing more amazing books instead of signing autographs. Is that weird?


1 thought on “Booklr Questions – Do you have any signed books?”

  1. I do have an author-signed copy of Lilias Folan’s “Yoga Gets Better With Age”, though it was not a personalised inscription–just a set phrase and her signature. I first heard of Ms Folan when she was doing “Lilias, Yoga and You” on IPBN in the 70s. In those days you could send a SASE (do people still know what those are?) and they’d send you a booklet. And even though I was about 9 at the time my body still knows the routine! Learned my first-ever vegetarian recipe from that booklet, too.

    As a fan of secondhand bookshops, I love finding old dedications in books, like “To Crystal from Mummy, Daddy and Jeremy, Christmas 1948” or whatever. Once I found an old “platform ticket” from the war years, and another time a tithing envelope from a small Irish church of the 1920s, with someone’s notes on the back in pencil about train and ferry connections to London, with prices.

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