Booklr Questions – How many bookshelves do you own?

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How many bookshelves do you own?

As a booklr, the obvious answer to this question is: not enough. In all seriousness, I do have 2 bookcases in my house, plus the shelves I store my sewing books on in my sewing/craft room, and a few small shelves I store books on at work. I love to have my books out where I can see them. If you are an avid reader but you yet to have a bookcase, have a look into the different types of painted bookcases to find one that could suit your style and blend with your home nicely.

matt's bookcase

The bookcases at home are segregated. My husband stores most of his books in the antique bookcase that belonged to my grandparents (it’s too small to house mine). It’s one of the most beautiful bookcases I’ve ever seen – though I might be a bit impartial. I love the decorative glass doors and the fact that the doors can be locked with an old (skeleton?) key. Beautiful, antique bookcases like this aren’t something that you can only acquire through inheriting it from a loved one; you can buy fine examples online, through sites like antiques world.

matt's bookcase

It works out well as most of the books my husband has kept are vintage agriculture text books that once belonged to one of his ag teachers. My favorite is the one with instructions on how to remove the nails from an old barn using sticks of dynamite hung from the rafters.

andrea's bookcase

But back to the shelves. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of photos of my bookcase on the blog and on my social media accounts, because I love to take #shelfies of my books and displays. My bookcase is actually a piece of furniture that used to belong to a bank. Made from real wood, it’s big and bulky – my husband calls it “the monstrosity.”


It usually manages to hold all of the books that I’d like it to, but with the move I’ve had to re-arrange some things (temporarily) and a TV is currently taking up prime book real estate. I hope to have that corrected soon. In the mean time, I have at least been able to organize the shelves by topic. It’s like having my own little mini-library.




How many bookshelves do you have in your house? Do you keep your books out in the open, or hide them away?

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