Booklr Questions – A book that makes you feel comforted?

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Do you have a book that makes you feel comforted?

Nancy DrewThere isn’t any one book that makes me feel comforted. For me, it’s more the act of reading.  When I am in the middle of a panic attack, or feel anxiety coming on, I find reading to be very calming.

More often than not, when I’m looking for something calming to read I head for a Nancy Drew book because they are full of adventure, and I know that nothing truly bad will ever happen to the characters.

What types of books do you find calming?

7 thoughts on “Booklr Questions – A book that makes you feel comforted?”

  1. Oh, my friend. There you struck a nerve…in a good way. I too deal with anxiety and depressive tendencies, so comfort-giving books are important to me. When things are bad, I turn to St Therese of Lisieux, particularly The Last Conversations. (“I do suffer, it’s true. But do I suffer well? That’s the question.”) Or Elizabeth Goudge’s City of Bells. And when life just gets a little too…tight….I often find myself reading The Secret Garden.

    I have my comfort films, too. Specifically Babette’s Feast, Vanya on 42nd Street, and My Nieghbour Totoro. 😉

    1. I absolutely love My Neighbor Totoro! My favorite movies for anxious times seem to be the Despicable Me films, at least at the moment. They’re funny, so it helps to calm my nerves.

  2. Yes! There are some books I reread over and over. I don’t know if I would call them comforting, but I love the words.

    “Sister Carrie,” “Travels with Charley,” and “The Long Walk.” I tend to read a lot of classics and nonfiction. These are things I read when I need a book to read that I KNOW I will be like (when space is limited traveling). Or, you know, when I’m snowed in during an Indiana winter! 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, I know all too much about that Indiana winter. I’m hoping all the snow stays away for a bit longer, because I’m already cold. Snow is the last thing I need. Though I guess it would be a good reason to curl up with a book.

  3. Jessica, I agree! I love classics…it’s almost like visiting friends. There are days when only Jane Eyre will do, ya know? Sometimes I dip into a favourite in certain places, certain scenes that I’m particularly in the mood for. That’s where paper books are better than ebooks–easier to find what I want!

  4. I grew up in Iowa, so I hear you! But having lived most of my life where summers can reach 45ºC for days or weeks on end, I do miss curling up with a book on a snowy day when you know you can’t go out! (It gets cold here, too–not your kind of cold, but even in the high 30s Farenheit, with terrazo floors and no heat in the apartment, you notice it more!)

    1. Being further north, Iowa gets colder winters than we do. I’d hate to think about how bad that might be. Though I can understand about the terrazo floors being cold. Our new house has hardwood floors. I love them, but boy, they are a lot colder on your feet than carpet.

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