Coffee Talk – Easter Weekend

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It’s Easter Weekend, and I was a little distracted running errands yesterday, so I forgot to get my Coffee Talk post up.  Sorry about that.

Progress –

I’ve been making progress with the house. My step-dad came by last weekend and got the holes cut for the upper part of the closet in the office. I’m pretty excited to have it done, because it will be a great place to store some of the things we don’t use very often.


And yesterday, I got the big old TV out of the living room, and the new one set up. Thanks for the help dad!  Now to go pick up an HDMI cable for the Blu-ray player.


Easter –

Matt & I are going to Easter at his parent’s house tomorrow.  I’ve already started working on the rolls. That way I don’t have to worry about having the time to get everything finished between mass and lunch on Sunday.


What are you doing for the holiday?

4 thoughts on “Coffee Talk – Easter Weekend”

  1. Last year DH was ill on Resurrection Sunday so I ended up staying home with him. This year, Europe sets the clocks forward tonight!! But I hope to be able to get up early anyway and get a lamb shoulder in the oven before heading off to church. Here in Spain we don’t have a tradition of chocolates, or coloured eggs, or anything like that. Roast lamb is about as far as it goes…that, and the fact that I go around saying “Happy New Year” to friends and neighbours. This gives me a chance to remind them that Christmas is lovely and significant, but that without the Resurrection it wouldn’t mean much. In fact, until the 17th century, Resurrection Sunday was New Year’s Day in many countries. But since it varied every year, they decided they needed a fixed date to count from–which makes practical sense.

  2. He was. I mixed a couple of tablespoons of “butter chicken masala” with an equal amount of brown sugar and made a spice rub for the lamb…by the time I was ready to leave for church at 10.30 it was cooked. Some of the sugar blend burned on the pan, had to soak it for almost 2 days to get it off! LOL I am pleased, I had a list of things to do for this week, and I got about half of them done!

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