Bookish Questions – An author that you dislike/hate?

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Do you have an author that you dislike or hate?

Cassandra Clare

As a general rule, I like to think that I don’t hate anyone, but if I had to pick someone for the least liked author award, it would go to Cassandra Clare.

I’ve never actually read any of her (very popular) work, and I quite enjoy watching Shadowhunters on the CW, which is based on her Mortal Instruments book series. I’m sure she even writes beautifully, but I’ve read too many article about the fact that the stories that made her so popular were stolen from another author. She’s dealing with legal issues about it, even after publishing a dozen books based on that original story.

The concept of Clare stealing the work of another author makes me sick, and makes me not want to give her any of my money.

1 thought on “Bookish Questions – An author that you dislike/hate?”

  1. There are a few authors I have no time for, not because of their shenaningans if any, but because their writing does zero for me. Paul Auster is one. Thomas Pynchon is another. Many of the “no time fors” are the sort of self-indulgent author who writes for the residents of a certain city, or to show readers who’s “in the know” and who isn’t. I usually like Alexander McCall Smith’s lighter stuff, but his “44 Scotland Street” series is like that–definitely presenting his upper-middle-class credentials; even one of the characters mentions that “not knowing” certain social mores is what indicates class these days.

    But yes, Ms Clare sounds like a real piece of work–which is not a compliment!

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