Bookish Questions – Favorite book turned movie?

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What is your favorite book turned movie?

At this point, I think my favorite book turned movie is The Hobbit.  It still amazes me that Peter Jackson was able to take one book and turn it into three feature length films.  The movies are beautifully produced, the acting superb, and though it’s been ages since I actually read The Hobbit, I believe it’s very faithfully reproduced.

I also love the movies that Jackson made of the Lord of the Rings books, but I enjoyed the movies produced from The Hobbit, so much more. As Smeagol would say, it’s “my Precious.”

my precious

The Hobbit is one of those stories that stays with you.  Tolkien made me feel more for those fictional dwarfs than I’ve felt for real people dealing with tragic situations in today’s world.  I hope that says something for Tolkien’s storytelling, and not for my lack of heart.

Do you have a favorite movie based on a book?

2 thoughts on “Bookish Questions – Favorite book turned movie?”

  1. 1. Book that is a book, or at least a novella, turned movie: Babbette’s Feast, by Isak Dinesen (the woman who wrote Out of Africa). For years it has been one of my cures for a bad day.

    2. Emma, by Jane Austen. My personal favourite, for many reasons, is the Gwyneth Paltrow version (not because of her–her “British” accent occasionally falls off in all directions).

    Playbooks don’t count, but I do love (as you know) “Vanya on 42nd Street.” Dear Chekov. That play has a quotable line for every situation.

    PS: If you like police-procedural type books, may I bring your attention to the Inspector Chen Cao series? They can be read as stand-alone novels.

    1. I do like thriller/mystery series, and I certainly watch enough police/procedural dramas on television, so I’ll definitely take a look at the Chen Cao series.

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