Bookish Questions – Your first favorite book?

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What was your first favorite book?

While I’m sure I had a book that I made mom and dad read to me over and over when I was little, the first book I really remember falling in love with was the Mother Goose book that was at my grandmother Ruby’s house.

graphic novels and children's classics

It was A Treasury of Mother Goose, illustrated by Hilda Offen.  I loved this book so much, that it’s one of the things I kept after my grandmother passed away. You can see it displayed with some of my other children’s literature in the photo above.  That books meant so much to me that I bought a brand new copy for my niece, Charli.  It was used as a signing book at her baby shower, so she’ll have that to enjoy along with the poems and illustrations.

mother goose treasury

What was the first book you fell in love with?

4 thoughts on “Bookish Questions – Your first favorite book?”

  1. My mom belonged to the Highlights Book Club, and I remember re-reading Mr Willoughby’s Christmas Tree until it came to pieces. I just got a new copy of that this year!! My first “big girl books” that I checked out of the library of my new school (age 6) allbymySELF, with no adult tagging along or suggesting, were “Pagoo” by Holling Clancy Holling, and “Norse Gods and Giants” by Inga and Per D’Aulaire. I did love and re-read “Sugarplum” by Johanna Johnston, now sadly out of print. Even then, illustrations were a huge deal to me.

    1. We didn’t belong to the book club, but I remember getting Highlights Magazine. It had the coolest hidden picture search each month. I think I remember you telling me about Sugarplum before. I looked it up, and those illustrations are gorgeous.

  2. I just remembered a book that all three of us youngest siblings agreed on: Jo Ann Stover’s “If Everybody Did.” I just found out it’s still available. I wonder if it’s the same edition, or has been modernised? It was a “cautionary tale” about not littering, not abusing your environment (house or park or whatever), basically not being a pig. I remember chanting the line along with my brother and sister: “This is what would happen, if everybody did!”

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