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Welcome to Coffee Talk! Grab your favorite morning beverage and join in the discussion.

IMG_3559More Home Improvement Projects

Last Sunday, Bert (my step-dad) came out and framed up the closet in our master bedroom. I’m super excited about this, because I really didn’t love having all of my clothes on open racks along the wall.

Depending on the weather (it’s farming season), Bert may be back this Sunday to finish it up.  That’s super exciting, because I’m looking forward to having a move organized bedroom. And having all of my clothes in the same place.


We’re making lots of progress toward getting our duck habitat ready, which is great since they’ll be coming in just a few short weeks.  I’ve got the duck coop painted, and Matt got the holes sealed up. Now all we need is a ramp and fencing.  I don’t think that will take too long.


Yesterday, my mom and I went down to Evansville to do a little shopping for my birthday. Apparently there was also a Trump rally in town. The news made it look like downtown was a mess. Let’s just say I’m glad that we were on the other side of town. When will this election be over?

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