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Welcome to Coffee Talk, where I’ll join you each week to talk about some of the interesting things going on in the world and around the web.

Random Act Foundation

This week Robert Downey Jr. announced the kickoff campaign for his new Random Act Foundation.  It seems like it’s going to support a lot of great causes, so even though I can’t donate a lot of money, I thought I would share it with all of you. And, I’m sure you’ll  enjoy the video announcement.

Happy Birthday

Also, it’s my birthday today.  I’m not planning anything super special, but I did take a vacation day from work.  My husband’s birthday is next week, though. Maybe we’ll do something for that.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Talk – Random Acts”

  1. Celebrate together! As DH turns 71 in May he is fighting shy of celebrating…I tell him we celebrate the fact of him. And that getting older is a privilege denied to many in this world.

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