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From where I stand, clutter is a symptom of a creative mind. The walls in my office at work are covered in art and inspiration.

inspiration board at the office

I even have a shelf full of fun toys – I swear I don’t play with them at work – that make me happy to look at.

toy shelf at work

Of course, my husband would tell me that this makes me a pack rat, and I’m sure I am a bit of one, but I do have a reason for most of the things I keep sitting around. Inspiration.

What inspires you?


2 thoughts on “#Project52 – From Where I Stand”

  1. Your “clutter” is awfully organised, though. Mine is more obviously not-where-it-should-be. In heaps, on most available surfaces. And the problem is once it sits there for a few days, I no longer really see it, so it doesn’t get tidied up.

    Colours inspire me. Scents inspire me. And that picture of my old library that you found, which is now my computer screen wallpaper, both inspires and refreshes me. It’s the only thing about my old hometown that I miss!

    1. The only reason that there weren’t piles everywhere, is that I took those photos at the office. I have to keep it in better repair than my house, which does often have things piled on all available horizontal surfaces. I’m glad you’re enjoying the photo.

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