Bookish Questions – Do you consider yourself a fast or slow reader?

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Do you consider yourself a fast or slow reader?

foundationLately, I’ve been feeling like the slowest reader on the planet.  Even though I know that I took on a complex trilogy last month, I feel like I didn’t accomplish much because all three novels were printed in one physical book.  While that is certainly handy (and thanks to Barnes & Noble for making it beautiful), it only counts as one book on Goodreads, so that makes me feel less accomplished.  I’m sure that I shouldn’t care about how many books I read, but I seem to have trained myself to care about the number, thanks to that challenge I do every year.  Oh well, perhaps this month will be filled with shorter, easier reads.



2 thoughts on “Bookish Questions – Do you consider yourself a fast or slow reader?”

  1. If you ignore the actual edition, you can count each title separately on GR. That’s what I have done with some omnibus editions. AFAIAC, three titles = three books, no matter how they’re bound.

    I am usually a fast reader but sometimes I catch myself skimming more than reading and then I have to go back. And as you say sometimes I feel like a turtle-reader. I slept so well this summer that I read comparatively little–and then I asked myself who I thought I was competing with! 😉

    1. The biggest problem with this is being able to keep track of how far I am through a physical book while reading. I suppose I could use the correct edition to track progress and then go back and change to the individually bound books. I sort of did that last year with my Hitchhiker’s Guide omnibus. After I completed the omnibus, I went thru and marked all but the first book as read otherwise, but I discovered at the end of the year that it messed up my total word count.

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