Baby Shower

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We had Spot’s baby shower over the weekend.  There was good food, and lots of lovely people. 

Spot made out like a bandit.  I think she is going to be a very spoiled child.

I honestly didn’t realize that one tiny person could need so much stuff.  I mean, honestly, that is a LOT of stuff.  Family chipped in and we got a few of our bigger items like our high chair and the Pack and Play (I think they call these things play yards now, but I plan to refer to it as the baby prison).  We also got blankets of all kinds – quilts, fuzzy Sherpa blankets, swaddle blankets, the works. And clothes. We got lots and lots of clothes, which is good. I’m told we will go thru baby clothes much faster than I like to do laundry.

It also looks like I am going to have to expand Spot’s Library. Not that I have the slightest problem with her having all the books.

Now I just have to sort through all of Spot’s new stuff and get it ready for her arrival.  That will probably mean quite a bit of laundry and organizing. That delivery is going to sneak up on me, so here’s hoping I can get all the things done in the next month.

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