Bookish Questions – What do You Read to Relax?

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What do you read to relax?

I normally read Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys as a relaxing read before bed, but I’m running out of books I haven’t read for a while. 

And with a brand new baby in the house, I am exhausted. But that doesn’t mean that I’m getting much sleep.  So, I’m in search of some relaxing reads for story time with baby, pumping, and all those other times I would probably rather be sleeping. 

What books do you read to relax?

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1 thought on “Bookish Questions – What do You Read to Relax?”

  1. As a general thing, children’s classics, often from the 1920s and 30s, downloaded from Gutenberg. I’d give my left arm to get my hands on the Jerry Todd and Poppy Ott series! When life gets a bit tight, I read Phryne Fisher a-gain. Can’t help it; some folks go to Hogwarts or Oz or Narnia, I bop off to 1920s Melbourne, or visit Lord Peter Wimsey!

    BTW your little girl is precious, which is not a word I use. Don’t know if I told you, but I was a 7 mos baby and weighed about 2 lbs at birth and here I am, five foot seven and 83 kg. Us preemies are tough! My pastor’s grandbaby Daniela was born 10 days shy of 7 mos gestation and she is fine, all systems go, and growing like a weed! When you hold her she wriggles like a demented octopus, I’m terrified I’ll drop her! That girl won’t bother to learn to walk, she’s going to hit the ground running.

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