Mildred Jane at 3 Months

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At 3 month’s old, Milli is 9lbs and 14oz, just more than double her birth weight.  She is starting to make happy noises and look at you when you talk to her. Most of the time, Mildred is a happy baby.  When she isn’t being held, her favorite thing to do is to sit in her Boppy or her Bumbo and watch the world go by.


5 thoughts on “Mildred Jane at 3 Months”

  1. What a cutie! Good job!

    I have just “given birth” to a poem/prayer. At about one a year, I’ll never be famous. But I’ve been reading “A History of Rain” by Niall Williams and the MC says, “I’ll never be a writer. I’m a reader; that’s much more important.”

    It is. Because without readers, writers would be just people who use a lot of paper.

    1. I keep meaning to tell you that I’m working on a book of my grandmother’s poetry for my mom. It’s been really interesting to read her poetry.

      1. DH read my poem and said it was “well written.” For a man who prides himself on not being a Christian, that’s praise indeed!

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