Open Class

The county fair starts this Sunday, which means that I’m working on gathering things up to exhibit in Open Class again. Between the pregnancy and Mildred showing up. I’ve hardly had time to do much in the way of crafty projects in the last year. 

I do have a couple of quilts that I haven’t exhibited yet, which I will take in, but I think everything else I exhibit will be photos.  That’s the one thing I seem to have done a lot of lately. These are the images I have decided on so far.


I have my color photo picked out for sure, but I haven’t made my mind up yet about which of the black and white images I want to enter.


Of course I ended up going with flowers for the nature photos.


I had a hard time picking out the animal photos that I wanted to use, but ended up going with a photo I took of Lucky Kitten last year, and one of the local fairgrounds squirrels.

Human Interest

Human Interest is the strangest category. It’s people, but not portraits.  I did manage to come up with a color image to use for this one.


For the “uncategorized” category, I’ve pulled a couple of photos that I took of the carnival rides at the fair. I’m really happy with how they turned out.


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