Mental Health Monday – Panic Attack Emergency Kit

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Almost everyone keeps an emergency kit in their car or bag with things that they need in case of a physical emergency – bandaids, gauze, antibacterial cream, and the like — so why not keep a kit for your mental health too?

I ran across the idea on Reddit a few weeks ago and thought it was great. I was already keeping a few things for my anxiety with me all the time, but this was a great way to get it all organized and easy to find.

What’s in my Anxiety Kit?


There are a few things I try to always keep with me that don’t fit in my anxiety kit. These include:

  • My phone – I keep some word games on it for when I need to distract my brain from intrusive thoughts, along with some apps with soothing music and meditations.
  • A book – I love to read, and reading can be another great distraction for me when I’m having anxiety issues. I generally keep easy to read books, like an old Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery with me for times like this. I particularly like these books because they are easy to read with storylines that are interesting, and I know that nothing truly bad is going to happen to the characters.

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