Fashion Friday – Layer it on Thick


It doesn’t matter what season it is, I love to layer my clothes. But with the ridiculously cold weather we’ve been having here lately, being able to have on multiple layers of clothes has been the only thing to keep … Continue reading

#OurProject52 – Blue

I Bleed Blue

This week’s #OurProject52 is all about blue. It’s probably really weird of me, but the very first thing I think of when I hear the word blue is the song “Shpadoinkle Day” from Cannibal: the Musical. The sky is blue … Continue reading

Booking It- A Year of Reading

hologram for the king book

One of the things I am wanting to accomplish this year is to do a little more reading. It’s something I have always loved – even further back than my “Book It” days. I miss Book It. They need a … Continue reading

#OurProject52 – Guilty Pleasure

guilty pleasure

I thought long and hard about this week’s topic for #OurProject52. A guilty pleasure is something that you enjoy, but also feel guilty about. For a lot of people this is something like eating junk food, but I decided a … Continue reading

My Bookshelves Tell a Story


The Decorista recently wrote a post about decorating your shelves. It had lots of great tips, but the style just didn’t work for me. Maybe my shelves just need to be as cluttered as my mind, but I like to … Continue reading

Cleaning Out & Decluttering

dvd drawer

It seems like the beginning of each year is a great time to purge old items that you don’t use anymore.  This year (or last year now, I guess), I started just after the holidays. I had to find a … Continue reading

Friday Favorites – Industrial Chic

industrial rustic decor

My friend Natasha of The Houseful of Nicholes just bought a house, so my social media feeds have been full of updates on her progress of designing and decorating her home. That got me thinking – my husband and I … Continue reading

Project 52 – Not a Morning Person


This week’s Project 52 theme is morning. And let me tell you how much I hate mornings- especially weekday mornings.  Mornings are the time of day that you have to get out of a nice warm bed and get ready … Continue reading

Project 52 – Who are you?

#OurProject52 Week 1

It’s the 1st week of Project 52, a weekly photography project thought up by the lovely ladies over at Everyday Eyecandy and Lipgloss and Binky.  I first heard about Project 52 from the lovely Natasha over at Houseful of Nicholes … Continue reading