Booklr Questions – Who is your OTP?

whale and petunias

Who is your OTP? For those of you who may not know, OTP stands for One True Pairing.  That’s the couple that you “ship” the most- the people in a book or series who you feel really belong together, whether … Continue reading

Book It


I don’t know how it got so cold, but now my absolute favorite thing to do is to spend my time curled up under a quilt (or six) reading a good book.  And thanks to the 2015 Reading List from … Continue reading

Booklr Questions – A book that makes you feel comforted?

Do you have a book that makes you feel comforted? There isn’t any one book that makes me feel comforted. For me, it’s more the act of reading.  When I am in the middle of a panic attack, or feel … Continue reading

Booklr Questions – Do you mark your books?

A photo of Stanley Kubrick's annotated copy of Stephen King's "The Shining"

Do you mark, highlight, or dog ear your books? Or do you keep them in perfect condition? Back in high school I was all about marking up my books with highlighters and notes in the margins. But as I’ve gotten … Continue reading

Laura Pommier at the Dunn Art Gallery

I recently got a chance to visit the Dunn Art Gallery at Oakland City University to see Laura Pommier’s exhibit of drawings and paintings, entitled “Character Plots.” The exhibit was full of fantastical artwork featuring characters who don’t always seem … Continue reading

Booklr Questions – E-readers or physical copies of books?


Do you prefer e-readers or physical copies of books? Something every Booklr seems to have an opinion on is whether e-books or physical books are better.  And I am no different.  I have a very strong opinion on what type … Continue reading

Booklr Questions – Do you prefer stand alone books or series?


Do you prefer stand alone books or series? I love a good series, but I know from experience how heart-rending it can be to wait for the next book to come out – thanks Dark Tower Series – which is … Continue reading

Bringing the Wild Inside


My husband and I seem to have a soft place in our hearts for little wild animals.  Since the move to our new house in August, we’ve got 3 new animals living inside with our cat, Mouse.  She enjoys watching … Continue reading

Book It – Monsters and Mysteries

I love the fall.  It’s an amazing time to cozy up on the couch, reading.  And October is the perfect time for books with a scary theme. So, of course, I had to read a few of them. You can … Continue reading