Bookish Questions – Do you use ebooks?

Do you use ebooks? While I generally prefer to have a physical copy of books, ebooks can be really nice.  Most of the classic novels I have read recently have been ebook versions I was able to download for free … Continue reading

Coffee Talk

This is my first ever Coffee Talk.  I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from Daenel over at Living Outside the Stacks. She does her own Coffee Talk each week, and I love it. Basically, this will be a place where I … Continue reading

#Project52 – Everyday

file transfers

I always seem to be at my computer, but I’m been at one more than usual lately.  The hard drive on my old laptop is showing signs it’s about to crash, so I’ve spent lots of time this week transferring … Continue reading

Bookish Questions – Do you have plenty of bookish items around your house?


Do you have plenty of bookish items around your house? Define plenty.  I have lots of books and book related items around my house, but I feel like I’m severely lacking in shelf space.  We have two fairly large shelving … Continue reading

Book It! – Hazy Shade of Winter

bats of the republic

It’s February, and the weather around here has been nothing by cold and heartless. It was in the 50s during the 1st week of February.  But that warmer weather was a tease.  We got more cold weather and snow again. … Continue reading

Food for Thought – When You Have to Correct NPR


NPR recently published an article as part of their food blog, The Salt, entitled “Why Your Hamburger Might Be Leading To Nitrogen Pollution.”  As you would expect from the title, this article talks about the application of nitrogen and it’s … Continue reading

Baby Hayes – A Pregnancy Photo Session


Last weekend, I got the honor of taking pregnancy photos for my sister and her husband. It was a beautiful 71 degree February day. I don’t know how that happened, but it made for a great day to take photos. … Continue reading

Bookish Questions – What is your favorite quote from a book?


What is your favorite quote from a book? Choosing one favorite quote is hard. Books tell us stories, but they also teach us about life. So many have changed mine. I guess this is where I quote Neil Gaiman and … Continue reading

A Sewing Funk


I haven’t been down in my sewing space for ages.  I wish I could say that I have a good excuse, like the fact that it’s freezing down there (in my defense it is), or that my sewing table needs … Continue reading