Friends and Family

I feel like we’ve just gotten relaxed all of the craziness of the holiday season, and it’s suddenly Easter this weekend.  I am super happy that for Easter this year we are keeping things low key and staying in town. … Continue reading

#OurProject52 – Spring and Growth


I love spring. As I get older (I’ll be 30 later this month!) It’s the perfect time of year to find new ways to continue to grow as a person. The beautiful warm weather (an impending swimsuit season) are making … Continue reading

Fashion Friday – Why I Love Old Lady Shoes

I love shoes. Absolutely love them. Ask my husband- I’m sure he’ll tell you about my “problem.” Shoes are one of the few fashion items that have always enjoyed. I still remember the saddle shoes my mom bought me to … Continue reading

#OurProject52 – Textures


This week on #OurProject52 is Photographer’s Choice. I was pretty excited about this, because I love texture and this is a great time of year to capture it. This time of year, when the sun is still on hiatus, but … Continue reading

Book It


I have used affiliate links for the books in this post. I’ve made it almost 3 months into my goal of reading more this year. I’m so glad I stumbled on that 2015 Reading List from PopSugar. It has made … Continue reading

#OurProject52 – Rule of Thirds


When I saw this week’s #OurProject52 project, my mind immediately went back to middle school when I took a summer photography class. That’s when I first learned the rule of thirds. Here are a few of my recent shots when … Continue reading

Friday Favorites – Art for All

Heart9 by Sarah Wolfe

I love art! It’s something that can can become part of you, just by hanging out on your wall. Whether you can afford original art, or have some prints hanging out on your wall, art is one of the best … Continue reading

#OurProject52 – Green


Is it spring yet? We’ve barely gotten rid of the snow, and my lawn is a muddy marsh.  In fact, the only truly green plant-life I’ve seen lately is what’s left of my Amaryllis. I don’t generally mind the winter, … Continue reading

#OurProject52 – In My Cup

Starbucks drink

Today, as I write this, what’s in my cup are the bottom dregs of a cuppa’ hot chocolate from Holy Grounds, the campus coffee shop that sells Starbucks brand coffee products. It’s a bit of a treat for me to … Continue reading