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So, I finally got around to setting up my personal BlogLovin’ account. I’ve been using Feedly since the demise of Google Feed Reader, but have recently had several issues with feedly being able to find feeds for the blogs I … Continue reading

It Has to Have a Motor

Over the last few months, my husband and I have been watching a episode of Deep Space 9 each night before bed. Yes, we are nerdy like that.  The other night, I mentioned that I would love to have the … Continue reading

Gus Got Married

My husband and I got to go to Louisville on Saturday for his cousin Gus’s wedding.  I somehow managed to only take my small camera with me, and then didn’t take a single picture.  I don’t know how I managed … Continue reading

When a Sampler Turns Into Something Else

You may remember that I started designing a #dyosampler as part of the SewMamaSew along…. well, when I started working on it, the fabric became something else.  I blame all of my paper piecing plans.  I love the look of … Continue reading

So… this Lent thing….

Left: Striped 1-Button Blazer in Kakhi & Red Stripe
Top Right: Printed Ashton Blouse in Hearts
Bottom Right: Subtle Floral Pencil Skirt in Coral

For Lent this year, I decided to give up all of my extra spending.  I’m not buying anything that I don’t NEED.  That’s everything from new clothes, and fabric to take-out for lunch.  It’s not been a week yet, and … Continue reading

Sam & Kayna Got Married


My husband’s brother Sam, and his beautiful new wife, Kayna got married over the weekend. I’m super excited for the both of them as they enter this crazy journey called marriage. And we had a heck of a lot of … Continue reading

Local Quilt Store – Quilts N’ Bloom

quilts n bloom precuts

I am lucky to have several wonderful quilting and fabric stores in my area.  They all provide fabrics and notions that appeal to different clientele, meaning that my area is rich in ideas and inspiration for quilting. The first store … Continue reading

Happy Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day for the happiest couple I could think of… oh… and Matt and me!

Quilts Quilts Quilts

quilt racks

My husband recently brought to my attention that I may have a problem with quilts.  They are everywhere in my living room.  And I mean everywhere.  The only thing I haven’t done is to lay one on the floor like … Continue reading