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A couple weeks ago, someone on instagram got the brilliant idea to start a hashtag for a big fabric destashing project.  I think it was @twomoreseconds, as she has a blog post about it. But, what started out as a … Continue reading

New Year, New Space

fabric storage

With the new year, I decided that I needed a new space to sew in.  Ok, it had nothing to do with the new year, and everything to do with finding a permanent place to set up my Featherweight. So, … Continue reading

Sewing 365


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed the #sew365 hashtag I’ve been using recently.  I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to make more of an effort to work on my sewing projects every day.  And … Continue reading

Featherweight Help Needed

thread nest on fabric

Thanks to my wonderful husband, and the magic of the internet, we were able to order a new cable to hook to the foot pedal for my Featherweight and get everything installed.  My husband is magic with electricity, and machines … Continue reading

A Christmas for Sewing

singer featherweight

My husband gave me the best Christmas present I could think of, and better yet, I wasn’t expecting it.  He bought me a Singer Featherweight sewing machine! There’s a little damage to the cord that Matt wants to fix before … Continue reading