Booklr Questions – What is your favorite genre?


What is your favorite genre? Since I was a child, fantasy has always spoken to me. When I was scared, or anxious, about something I could escape to another world – one that was full of wondrous things, like talking … Continue reading

Book It – Galactic Guides


7 months into this reading challenge, and I’ve read more great stories than one person deserves to read in a year. That’s thanks in part to using a reading challenge that’s expanded the types of books I’ve been reading. You … Continue reading

Booklr Question – Have you met any authors?

Have you met any authors? I haven’t met any famous authors. As much as I love to read, I’ve never been one for going out of the way to meet authors of the books I love. Maybe it’s because I … Continue reading

Booklr Questions – Who are your favorite book characters?


Who are your favorite book characters? It’s so easy for me to fall in love with characters in books, but rarely because they are sweet.  I find myself falling in love with the brave, the decisive, and the eccentric. A … Continue reading

#OurProject52 – Celebrate


This has been a good week to get photos of celebration – it’s our local county fair. However, my side of the celebration at the fair always looks a little different, as my husband and I are volunteers out there … Continue reading

Booklr Questions – What is your favorite quote?


What is your favorite quote? For me, picking just one favorite quote is near impossible. I assume it’s the same for most bibliophiles.  So, here are a few that stand out for me at the moment. When I’m 80 years … Continue reading

My Kitchen Wars – A Review


I recently received a digital copy of My Kitchen Wars for review from Open Road Integrated Media and NetGalley. Originally published in 1999, the new ebook edition makes My Kitchen Wars by Betty Fussell a much easier book to find. … Continue reading

Best of Show

best in show

So…. this happened….. It’s only the local fair, but I’m beyond excited about getting best of show for all of the quilts, because there are always a lot of beautifully made quilts entered at our fair. What exciting things are … Continue reading

#OurProject52 – Photographer’s Choice

flooded field

I’m excited about photographer’s choice week this week. It’s giving me an opportunity to share some photos I took while I was out with my husband on Sunday. We went “crop scouting,” so that he could see how some of … Continue reading