A Little Free Library


I’ve wanted to have a Little Free Library since I first heard about them a few years ago. But something has always seemed to be in the way of having one – the biggest issue was having a location.  I … Continue reading

Stir – A Review


Stir: My Broken Brain and the Meals That Brought Me Home by Jessica Fechtor is the 1st book I was accepted to review for NetGalley.com and I couldn’t think of a better book to start with. Stir will be released on … Continue reading

Friday Favorites- Kitchen Dreams

Framed "Citrus" by Anna Bond print $150.00 at Serena & Lily or get an 8x10" print at Rifle Paper Co. for $24; caprese hand towel for $9.99 and striped hand towel set for $10.99, both from Modcloth

I’ve been dreaming of a new kitchen lately. I’m sure it won’t happen in the very near future, but I can still dream. And there are a few things I can have even if the whole kitchen isn’t redone- things … Continue reading

#NaBloPoMo – Secret Shot


I love taking photos of people when they don’t realize it. I think this comes from the fact that I used to hate having my photo taken, and some people I know still do.  That means it’s easier to catch … Continue reading

#NaBloPoMo – Light


As an amateur photographer, light is something I struggle with.  My indoor photos are often yellow, and if it’s sunny, my outdoor photos can look washed out. Fortunately, I recently read part of the manual for my camera and discovered … Continue reading

#NaBloPoMo – Say Cheese!


Do you feel like your smile is more honest when you’re taking a selfie or when someone else is taking your photo?  For me, I feel like my smiles are more honest when I don’t have someone in front of … Continue reading

#NaBloPoMo – Take My Picture


Since I like to share my fashion choices in my instagram feed, I’m often asking Julie, my office mate to take photos of me. It’s something I don’t mind to ask her to do, since she sometimes asks me to … Continue reading

#OurProject52 – Black and White


I love black and white photography. My digital camera even takes photos in black and white, though I’ve never used that feature of the camera. I haven’t actually shot in black and white since high school when I did it … Continue reading

#NaBloPoMo – In My Own Photos


More often than not, my photos tend to be of nature, and of details.  Because of that, I’m not in my own photos very often. And when I am in my instagram feed, the photos tend to be full of … Continue reading