#NaBloPoMo – Blogs I Love


One of my favorite things to do on my blog is to give a shout out to other blogs that I love to read.  Today I want to share with you a few blogs I recently discovered. The first is … Continue reading

#NaBloPoMo – Recipe Changes


When I first started cooking and baking food, I had to have a recipe. It’s the main reason I’ve always been better at baking than traditional cooking. My sister has always been good at “a pinch of this, and a … Continue reading

#NaBloPoMo – Buy this one.


While I love to make things when I can, there are few things in life that I feel better about buying.   For example: I will never make my own taxidermy pieces. I just don’t have the skill set for … Continue reading

#OurProject52 – From Where I Stand

winter views

The world is a frozen wonderland…. The inside of my house is warm and friendly- filled with hot chai latte. And hugs from my husband and the cat. How do things look from where you are? Sharing over at: #OurProject52 … Continue reading

#NaBloPoMo – I got this!


I’m always looking for ways to do things myself when I can. It’s not that I think everything should be a DIY project, but that I seem to have very expensive taste. My pinboards are full of things I love … Continue reading

#NaBloPoMo – Handmade Clothes

I love handmade clothes. I’ve even made a few for myself. But I have one problem with making my own clothes- I can never get the finish the way I want. The outsides always look great, but my inside seams … Continue reading

Book It – Reading is Romance

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane cover

I have used affiliate links for the books in this post. Another month into my goal of doing more reading this year, and I’m making good progress on checking things off the 2015 Reading List from PopSugar. But more than … Continue reading

#NaBloPoMo – Creative

I’ve always liked to think that I am creative, but the more I think about it the less creative I feel. I do a lot of projects that fall within the creative realm, but I more often feel as creative … Continue reading

#NaBloPoMo – My Mind’s Made Up


I’m the type of crafter who needs to see what my project will look like before I get started, so I often spend a lot of time in the planning stage mapping out what my projects will look like before … Continue reading