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Valentine Pillow Cover

Valentine Pillow Cover

I seem to be making a habit of making a pillow cover to match each of my most recent quilts.  So, I now present you with a simple pillow cover that I made to go with my Valentine’s Day Quilt. … Continue reading

A Tiny Addition (to my sewing machine collection)

mini sears sewing machine

I stopped by one of the local antique malls over the weekend, hoping to find some inexpensive, but classy jewelry to wear to my brother-in-law’s wedding.  No luck on the jewelry, but when I stopped to look at a vintage … Continue reading

Works In Progress

zen chic quilt top

I’m trying to finish projects as I start them instead of having lots of projects going at the same time.  Being focused on only one or two projects at a time has been really good for me.  I feel like … Continue reading

Romance as a Quilt

valentine quilt closeup

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been piecing yet another crazy quilt.  That in itself isn’t surprising.  What’s surprising is that it’s a Valentine’s Day quilt.  That means lots of pink.  Pink isn’t normally my color, but I ran across … Continue reading



A couple weeks ago, someone on instagram got the brilliant idea to start a hashtag for a big fabric destashing project.  I think it was @twomoreseconds, as she has a blog post about it. But, what started out as a … Continue reading