Haubstadt Quilt Show

By Andrea | June 4, 2011 |

Today, I went to my first ever official quilt show, with my mom-in-law, Mary Kay.  It was actually pretty fun, although it was a bit strange for me to go to an event where everyone else was at least old enough to be my mother.  That either means that I need to find a different…

My Sewing Machine is Fixed

By Andrea | June 3, 2011 |

Yea!  I got a call from DavCo yesterday afternoon, and my sewing machine is fixed and ready to be picked up.  I’m pretty excited.  They are open until 5:30 this evening, so I may try to go down after work and pick it up; but if not, I’ll be going down to get it early…

Cutting Out the Urban Baby Pattern

By Andrea | June 1, 2011 |

I’m currently working on cutting out pieces for the  48-inch circle.  I’m using the “Urban Baby” pattern designed by Valori Wells for FreeSpirit.  I decided on this pattern, not only because it was the right size, but because in black and white should be a nice addition to my quilt.  Download the pattern yourself at…

How It Goes

By Andrea | May 31, 2011 |

The project is going well.  I have a large amount of my fabric cut.  I’ve completed all of the cuts for the 60 inch circle. As well as all of the cuts for the 46-inch circle.  Although, I did decide to make the stripes 2-inches across instead of 1-inch.  Not only was this less cuts,…

Quilt Progress

By Andrea | May 29, 2011 |

I’ve realized today that even tough I cannot sew anything together for my quilt, there is still a lot I can do.  For once I’m actually going to cut all of the fabric out for a project before I start sewing.  Maybe this will be a good thing.  I’ll even know if I have enough of all…

Design for My Quilt

By Andrea | May 25, 2011 |

As I told you all in my last post, I have decided to make myself a quilt.  The inspiration for the quilt I wanted to make, was a cute mini quilt from the Purl Bee. After some thought, I’ve come up with a plan to incorporate the idea of circles in a design that’s a…

New Project

By Andrea | May 23, 2011 |

So… on top of my super secret project, I think I am going to start another one. Yes, I know… if I’m afraid the super secret project will take a while, why would I start another project? I have two good reasons for that: Sometimes, I feel like I need a break from the super…

Craft Month 2011 – Day 22 – Printing Custom Fabric

By Andrea | March 22, 2011 |

I found a great place online that allows you to print your own custom fabric.  You can check it out for yourself at www.spoonflower.com  but… if $18-$32/yard isn’t in your budget, you can make your own.  Now, I have only tried this for small sizes, no larger than 8×10.5inches. To print my fabric, I create…

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Free Patterns

The Communique

One of my favorite designs, this quilt pattern is available in three sizes. Download the baby, throw, or king-size pattern today.

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