Bookish Questions – Do you believe in gendered books?

Do you believe in gendered books? That is to say, are some books for girls and others for boys? This question came up after a recent discussion with my friend Eric (over at The Educated Bachelor).  We were talking about … Continue reading

Bookish Questions – An author that you dislike/hate?


Do you have an author that you dislike or hate? As a general rule, I like to think that I don’t hate anyone, but if I had to pick someone for the least liked author award, it would go to … Continue reading

Book It! – Ravens in the Library


Another month gone.  I can hardly stand how fast time seems to go as you get older.  It’s crazy.   National Library week falls in April, which I love to celebrate. And it was as good of an excuse as any … Continue reading

Bookish Questions – Favorite book turned movie?

my precious

What is your favorite book turned movie? At this point, I think my favorite book turned movie is The Hobbit.  It still amazes me that Peter Jackson was able to take one book and turn it into three feature length … Continue reading

#Project52 – Photographer’s Choice

Princeton Public Library

Photographer’s Choice week for #EverydayProject52 coincides with National Library Week, so guess what you’re getting. Photos of libraries. I’m sure you’re thrilled.  There are several libraries in my area. Though not the original library, the one currently standing in Princeton, … Continue reading

Bookish Questions – Your first favorite book?

mother goose treasury

What was your first favorite book? While I’m sure I had a book that I made mom and dad read to me over and over when I was little, the first book I really remember falling in love with was … Continue reading

Bookish Questions – How do you style your bookshelves?

biography and memoir shelf

How do you style your bookshelves? My bookshelves are a conglomeration of styles.  Where I have enough books from a single series, or group of related series, I like to create a single shelf devoted to that series/group.  For example, … Continue reading

Bookish Questions – Do you gift your friends and family with books?

Do you gift your friends and family with books or bookish items? I love giving books as gifts. For Christmas last year, I got one sister a book on making your own baby food – she just had that baby … Continue reading

Book It! – Curiouser & Curiouser

alice in wonderland

Another month gone. Can you believe the year is a quarter of the way through? Lots has happened this month. I’m an aunt (again).  My sister had her first baby, early in the month, and it seems to have put … Continue reading