Bookish Questions – Do you want more books?

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Do you want more books? What kind of questions is this for a bookish person? Of course, I want more books! I even make it a point to stop in at the local bookstore whenever I get the chance.  My … Continue reading

Bookish Questions – Do you use a library?

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Do you use a library? As a reader, I feel like a horrible human being when I admit that I haven’t had a library card in ages.  Growing up, I lived in one of the few townships in my state … Continue reading

Bookish Questions – Do you read ‘classics’?


Do you read ‘classics’? I don’t read anywhere near enough classic books, not since school. I’ve been too busy reading all the great new books coming out. Thanks to all of the free classics available for my Kindle app, I … Continue reading

Book It – New Year’s Resolutions


It’s January again, and I’m so proud of myself for completing an entire year of posts about the books I’ve read.  It’s been a great way for me to keep track of all those books, and to share my love … Continue reading

#Project52 – My Favorite

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I’m not as good at singing as Julie Andrews, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few things in life that I absolutely love. Aside from the obvious things like my husband and chocolate, my list generally includes fluffy … Continue reading

Bookish Questions – How many books to you read in a year?


How many books to you read in a year? The number of books I read each year varies. Though Goodreads has been nice enough to inform me that I read a total of 66 books last year. And, as you … Continue reading

Cabbages & Kings – A Review


Cabbages and Kings is a work on fiction by O. Henry. Published in 1904, it’s not the type of book I would normally write a full review for, but I’ve found a have a lot to say. I downloaded a … Continue reading

Bookish Question – The past or the future?


Do you prefer books set in the past or the future? This is a difficult question for me. If a book is well written, I don’t generally care what point in history is featured.  I’ve read amazing books that took … Continue reading

Bookish Questions – Would you rather read any ending that makes you feel happy or sad?

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Just a little house cleaning for the 1st book post of the year. I’m changing the title from Booklr Questions to Bookish Questions, because booklr is very specific to Tumblr, and I want to be more inclusive with these posts. … Continue reading