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Birthday Shopping

I love my husband, but I have decided that he is officially the hardest person to shop for – ever.  I went down to Evansville, after work, earlier this week to find him something for his birthday.  I started out at Barnes & Noble, thinking I might pick him up a book or two.  He…

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Home for the Winter

Well… it’s that odd time of year again.  You know, after you take the Christmas decorations down, but before you want to do any Valentine’s Day decorating.  What’s a girl to do? Winter Decor! But what does that mean?  When I think of winter colors I think of one of two things.  Either pale blue…

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Anatomy of the Farm

Over the next few weeks, I hope to spend so time with you, discussing a great book I found during a recent trip to the bookstore — Farm Anatomy: The curious parts and pieces of country life, by Julia Rothman. From row crops to gardening and animals, this is a beautiful visual guide to all…

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