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Separating the Sheep from the Goats

This week, we’re going to cover Chapter #5 of Julia Rothman’s book, Farm Anatomy.  It is, at 64 pages, the longest chapter in the book.  This chapter is all about animals, covering: animal terms parts of a rooster comb styles chicken breeds fresh eggs duck and goose breeds heritage turkeys parts of a beef animal…

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Farm Bureau Photo Contest

Indiana Farm Bureau convention is coming up in December and they are having a photo contest this year.  The theme for the photo contest is “Your Life, Your Story.”  In one photo, I need to tell my/our story.  I’m going thru my photos trying to pick one out for the contest.  Please vote and tell…

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Caturday with Bonnie


Bonnie is our cat.  She’s a pretty exciting cat, so for something fun, I thought I would write down a few of her adventures.  First you should know that I’m pretty sure she thinks she is a dog, because she follows people around everywhere. Bonnie came to live with Matt and I last summer along…

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Saving Chickens

I saved the life of a baby chicken today!  My neighbor, Bob, sells eggs, and because chickens produce best in their first year, he gets a new batch of chickens every year.  This year’s batch of baby chicks just came in the mail, and of course I had to go see them. I decided to bring my…

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