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Toy Organization Essentials for Tiny Humans

One thing I have discovered about tiny humans is that they love to get all the things out, but not put things back up.  Mildred is a great example of this.  She will be playing with a toy, and then become distracted by another, and another, leaving a trail of toys in her wake. That…

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Getting and Staying Organized

As some of you may remember, way back in March I decided that I was going to make my goal for Lent to get my house clean and organized.  I even got started on that process.  Unfortunately, life got in the way, and I wasn’t nearly as successful with my goal as I wanted to…

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It’s Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday, which is the first official day of Lent.  Now for lent, I’m either supposed to give up something, or add something to my schedule.  This year for lent I’m going to give up my mess.  Yes, my mess.  My whole house is a mess most of the time because I don’t…

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Creativity is Messy

Creativity is messy, and I am very creative… but that’s not an excuse for not being able to use any of the space in my house, for the piles of stuff collecting on all of the horizontal surfaces. Solution? Clean and organize. Matt has been very helpful with this process so far.  We’ve still got…

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I’m a Mess

As the post title implies… I am a mess…. or if I’m not a mess, my house certainly is.  My hubby says I’m a pack rat.  I’d like to prove his wrong.  My plan for this? Declutter the house! Step 1 – Get rid of unwanted/un-needed books.  I have started this one already, by going…

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