Color Week: Black & White

Cockrum Hall Porch.  Oakland City, IN

For this final day of color week, we’re going to be featuring black and white. I had a lot of fun with this one – mostly because I love a good black and white photograph. I did take photos of … Continue reading

Color Week: Violet

Butterfly Bush. Princeton, IN

Just because it’s Saturday doesn’t mean that color week is over.  Today is violet (or purple).  Lacking Barney the dinosaur walking around town this one is actually a bit difficult. Fortunately, I do have a butterfly bush in my yard, … Continue reading

Color Week: Blue

Handicapped Parking.  Oakland City, IN

It’s color week over at Pamplemousse and today’s color week challenge is Blue. Blue has been a fun and interesting challenge for me – because I wanted to find blue in nature and well as in things people have made. Blue … Continue reading

Color Week: Green

Tree tops. Oakland City, IN

It’s another day in the color week challenge. Today’s challenge in green!  I’m super excited about this one, because during the summer the trees, and grass mean there is a lot of green to photograph. All I have to do … Continue reading

Color Week: Yellow

Bright Yellow Flowers.  Oakland City, IN

Today is the day for yellow over at Pamplemousse for color week. Even with all of the flowers in bloom this time of year. Yellow ended up being harder to photograph than I thought it would be. There just wasn’t … Continue reading

Color Week: Orange

Day Lilies, aka "Ditch Weeds".  Oakland City, IN

It’s Color Week over at Pamplemousse! I had missed the beginning of the challenge, so I posted yesterday’s challenge today. But don’t worry, I got myself caught up as well. Orange Read the other Color Week posts: Red Yellow Green … Continue reading

Color Week: Red

Nothing says red like a stop sign.  Oakland City, IN

I just got around to catching up on a few of my favorite blogs today.  One of those blogs is Pamplemousse! (it’s french for grapefruit if your interested).  She was the inspiration for my Fashion Friday posts  (there’s one this … Continue reading