Easter Themed Projects from Around the Web

Proverbs wall hanging

Last year, I wrote a post featuring April themed projects.  To me, April often means rain, but Easter falls in April this year, so let’s talk about a few great sewing projects that are great for Easter. I am in … Continue reading

Stocking Wreath

closeup of nutcracker

I found a great wreath idea on the Midwest Living site last year. It’s a spring wreath using an umbrella, but it gave me the idea to make a wreath from a stocking. My wreath is currently hanging out  on … Continue reading

Christmas Wreath

Hayes Wreath closeup

A couple months ago, my sister asked me to make her a Christmas wreath.  So, we went down to Hobby Lobby and picked up a wreath, some decorative picks, and a few flowers.  I love the Hobby Lobby weekly sales.  … Continue reading

Craft Month 2011 – Day 26 – Make Your Own Coasters


Today, I’m going to tell you how to make your own coasters.  To start my project, I went to our local building supply store and purchased some tiles.  I bought 4 of them for 68 cents.  That’s right, 68 cents.  … Continue reading

Craft Month 2011 – Day 20 – Embroidery

Finished embroidery

For today’s craft project, I thought I would try something that I have never done before.  I did some embroidery.  I started with a cute image I found online, which I printed it out and traced onto my fabric.  Then … Continue reading

Craft Month 2011 – Day 16 – Upcycle Earrings


Today’s project is a major upcycle.  For it you will need 2 paperclips, the string or yarn of your choice, and a set of earring hooks. The first step is to unbend your paperclips and reshape them into the design … Continue reading

Craft Month 2011 – Day 14 – Book Bag


Today’s project is really awesome!  I made a purse out of an old book.  I’m very excited about how this project turned out. I got to make use of the cover of a book that was falling apart (I’m trying to come … Continue reading

Craft Month 2011 – Day 12 – Lightbulb Terrerium


Today’s craft project is a terrarium.  How is this a craft you ask?  It’s a craft because I have created the terrarium base myself, out of an old lightbulb.  For full instructions on the process, particularly taking apart the lightbulb, … Continue reading

Craft Month 2011 – Day 10 – Hot Iron Travel Pouch

flat iron travel pouch

Today’s national craft month project can be done aas a sewing project, or a hot glue project.  I did mine as a hot glue project, because I couldn’t get the layers of fabric through my sewing machine. This travel pouch … Continue reading