#Project52 – Macro


I’ve really been enjoying our new house this spring. It seems like new flowers are popping up each week.  I recently discovered that I have some tulips in my yard. I’ve never had tulips before, but they’re absolutely lovely. And we … Continue reading

#Project52 – Easter


The First day of Spring was last Sunday, Easter is coming up this Sunday, and you can certainly tell around here. Flowers and bright colors are everywhere. I’ve discovered that there is Vinca minor ‘La Grave’ (a.k.a. Bowles Blue) planted … Continue reading

#Project52 – Rule of Thirds

founders day floral arrangement

Let’s talk a little photography this week, with the “Rule of Thirds.”  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, the Rule of Thirds is a fundamental composition principle which states that an image should be imagined as … Continue reading

#OurProject52 – Centered


I love asymmetry, so centering things has always been hard for me. Even if my design sense tends toward grouping display items in odd numbers.  I did manage to find a few things around the office that were centered though, … Continue reading

#ProjectQuilting – Charm Squares

charm quilt closeup

This week’s Project Quilting challenge, “It’s a Charm” was all about using charm squares. I love using charm squares in my projects, but this challenge was a little difficult for me because I could *only* use charm squares for the … Continue reading

New Look


You may have noticed that I’ve been playing around with some updates around the site over the last few days.  I’ve changed up some of the artwork in an attempt to create a look that I feel reflects me a … Continue reading

Easter Themed Projects from Around the Web

Proverbs wall hanging

Last year, I wrote a post featuring April themed projects.  To me, April often means rain, but Easter falls in April this year, so let’s talk about a few great sewing projects that are great for Easter. I am in … Continue reading

I Spy with My Little Eye – Closeups of the Steampunk Crazy Quilt


With everything that’s going on in the Steampunk Crazy Quilt, I’ve had several requests for some closeups. But before I share those closeups, here’s a reminder of what the entire quilt look like.   And from the back, because I … Continue reading

In the Yard

grama's rose bush

It’s finally warmed up enough outside that flowers are blooming and we could start our vegetable garden. I’ve got exactly one bloom on the rose bush I started from grama’s rose bush a couple years ago.  The plant is still … Continue reading