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Using Pectin

It’s spring, which means it’s time to start thinking about your garden and what you want to put in it.  For me, that means thinking about what I want to make with my plants from the garden – and lately I’ve been a big fan of jams and jellies.  Really, this means I need to…

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Jam On

I got the Jam On cookbook for Christmas, and have been waiting for the perfect time to try out a few of the recipes.  Thanks to the local FFA having their annual strawberry sale, I got the chance. I tried out two of the recipes from the book.  I started with a batch of Strawberry…

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Friday Favorites

There are several things I love about this time of year. Leather & Furs I’m not really a big fan of cold weather (or hot weather for that matter) but one of my favorite things about this time of year is that when it gets cold outside, I get to add some things into my…

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Peach Pecan Amaretto Preserves

This recipe for Peach Pecan Amaretto Preserves with Golden Raisins is amazing.  This recipe takes quite a while, especially if you wait the 2 weeks for the preserves to mellow before you eat it, but the final product is well worth the work.  As a head’s up – this recipe took me about 2-1/2 hours…

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