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Swimsuit Season

I can’t believe it’s almost swimsuit season again.  Even if it’s not time to wear one, it’s certainly time to go shop for one.  Now, I don’t look like a swimsuit model, but even if I did I love retro styles too much to want your average triangle top bikini.  Now, that’s not to say…

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Border Prints – Ahead of the Curve

I was doing a little internet browsing on ModCloth, one of my favorite internet sites, when I suddenly realized how many skirts and dresses there were with border prints in their store.  I have to say that I was actually really surprised.  When I first decided to make my border print dress I had a…

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It’s about time… (being able to buy things I love)

I’ve got a pretty quirky sense of style, and lately, I’ve been amazed at how many things I can find in stores that I absolutely love!  Now granted, there have always been places like Anthropoligie and ModCloth where I could find things I loved… but I usually couldn’t afford them. But lately, I keep finding…

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