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Identity Crisis

Mouse on a Chair

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ve probably seen a post of two featuring Mouse. Mouse has been with us for about a year and a half now, but she is still very confused about her identity.  … Continue reading

Things That Make Me Feel Better

Mouse wears flowers

Ever had one of those days, when absolutely nothing makes you happy.  You’ve spent all day in meetings… your house is a mess… and even with a house full of food, you can’t find a thing to cook?  That’s how … Continue reading

It’s Caturday!

Christmas Ribbon

It’s been a very busy week for everyone in the house.  Matt has had tons to do with the school, I’ve been busy with theatre stuff, and Mouse has discovered ribbons. Matt had FFA kick off night on Monday night … Continue reading

Kitty found a new Toy

Cat named Mouse

Well, our kitten “Mouse” found a new toy yesterday.  It was really quite entertaining.  I’d missed an easter egg when I had put up all of the decorations this spring, so I’d just left it next to my desk, where … Continue reading

Cat named Mouse


The cat now has a name, her name is mouse.  Yea, mouse!  Mouse has been very entertaining this morning.  She stayed in the basement last night, because Vicky convinced Bob that she needed to live inside.  Vicky is awesome like … Continue reading