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#Project52 – Negative Space

This week’s #EverydayProject52 photography challenge was negative space.  For that, I went with my go-to photography subjects- flowers.  I love being able to take photos of flowers, they’re beautiful without any effort from me, and I can usually get some great negative space in closeups. Do you love taking photos of your kids? Landscapes? Flowers?…

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#Project52 – Nature

I was supposed to write up a post with photos from nature for this week’s #EverydayProject52 post. But when I got home, I found out that our outside kitten, Geordi, died today. Matt found him out by the road. So, I don’t feel much like sharing photos of bright flowers. Instead, I thought I would…

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#OurProject52 – Spring and Growth

I love spring. As I get older (I’ll be 30 later this month!) It’s the perfect time of year to find new ways to continue to grow as a person. The beautiful warm weather (an impending swimsuit season) are making me want to get out and walk at lunch. It gives me a great opportunity…

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