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Coffee Talk – Email’s Out

Welcome to Coffee Talk! Grab your favorite drink and sit down for a spell. Email’s Out This week been an interesting one at the office.  We had Monday off for Memorial Day. Tuesday was a bit busier, with some of the new freshmen on campus for orientation, but I’ve been bored out of my mind…

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#Project52 – Motherhood

This week’s #EverydayProject52 challenge was “Motherhood.”  Not being a mother myself, it’s hard for me to have the opportunity to take photos that match this theme.  The closest I come to motherhood is taking care of my cats. Although, I do occasionally hold my niece Charli, without dropping her.

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Bringing the Wild Inside

My husband and I seem to have a soft place in our hearts for little wild animals.  Since the move to our new house in August, we’ve got 3 new animals living inside with our cat, Mouse.  She enjoys watching them as much as we do. The difference is that she would also like to…

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Identity Crisis

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ve probably seen a post of two featuring Mouse. Mouse has been with us for about a year and a half now, but she is still very confused about her identity.  It probably didn’t help that I named her Mouse – because obviously my cat speaks…

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Animal Attack!

My house is overrun with animals!  The cat is still at the vet.  I will pick her up in the morning… but there are TONS of animals at the house all of a sudden. There is a Tarapin Turtle in Tupperware on my front porch.  I caught him in a parking lot.  I felt bad…

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Catching Kittens

Last night, my husband, Matt, happened to look out the back window to the garden, and saw an animal in the dog pen behind the house.  Of course, he assumed that I had brought home a pet and put it back there in hopes that he wouldn’t see it.  I hadn’t, but it is a…

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