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Spontaneous Corrections

Do you ever have one of those days where you’re working on a project and do something completely stupid that you know better than to do? I had one of those last night. I wanted to make myself up a zipper pouch for my purse, and settled on some scrap tablecloth vinyl for the outside…

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Small Finishes

This last week has been a week of small finishes. It has been nice to have several small completed projects. I made myself a couple of hotpads with left over blocks from my the quilt I made my mom for Mother’s Day. I made myself a second version of the Grainline Scout Tee. And I…

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Quick and Easy Projects

As many large projects as I work on, sometimes it’s nice to have a quick and simple project.  Thanks to Anna over at Noodlehead, I have a super fun and easy project to do when I need a break – or run out of the fabric I need to finish the project I’m supposed to…

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