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Free J.D. Salinger Printable

Everyone seemed to enjoy my last free printable, so I thought I would make you all another one. This one has a more grungy feel and features a quote from J.D. Salinger. As with the last print, I am making this one available to you in several other color variations. Do you like to use…

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Friday Favorites – Art for All

I love art! It’s something that can can become part of you, just by hanging out on your wall. Whether you can afford original art, or have some prints hanging out on your wall, art is one of the best ways to express yourself in your home or office. I spend most of my time…

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Border Prints – Ahead of the Curve

I was doing a little internet browsing on ModCloth, one of my favorite internet sites, when I suddenly realized how many skirts and dresses there were with border prints in their store.  I have to say that I was actually really surprised.  When I first decided to make my border print dress I had a…

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Fashion Friday: Asymmetrical

This week on Fashion Friday, I’ve got a super cute dress that I picked up at a local store, The Graceful Lady, in Evansville.  I found a similar dress by the same company, Ya Los Angeles, at the Graceful Lady location in Ft. Branch.  Both dresses were this great red print, but I loved the…

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I’ve been crazy busy lately handling marketing and advertising pieces for TOTGA (The One That Got Away).  We are doing T-Shirts, Promotional CDs, posters and table tents.  It’s a LOT of artwork… and that doesn’t even include the artwork and design stuff done for show props. I had to create a newspaper with specific headlines…

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