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Works in Progress

triangle quilting detail

My weekly update on projects progress. Finishes I got my Triangle Quilt Along quilt done in time for this week’s finished quilt reveal.  You’ll be able to see the whole thing on the blog this Friday, in the mean time, … Continue reading

Grama’s Quilt

Grama's photo quilt hanging

Even though my first “official” quilt was the one that I made for my sister’s wedding gift, I did have another project before then.  I made 9 quilt photo quilt blocks a wall hanging.  The blocks each contained family photos … Continue reading

Crazy Quilt Tutorial

trim block

If you’re like me, you keep the scraps from all of your finished projects, hoping that you will find a use for them later.  Actually — I take that back — if you’re like me, you’ll collect everyone’s scraps in … Continue reading

Featured Story

Feature Screenshot

I’m happy to announce that my recent post about my crazy quilt blocks was featured on The Quilting Daily.  That makes me super excited!  It’s the first time one of my blog posts has been featured on someone else’s site. … Continue reading

Going Crazy (Quilt)

block detail

I’m going crazy!  Or at least I’m attempting it.  I’m super excited about having completed my very first crazy quilt block. I’m still going to want to pick up some embroidery floss and do some detail stitching… unless of course … Continue reading