#DYOSampler Quilt Along: Designing the Layout


You may remember that I mentioned in my Quilting Bucket List, that I really wanted to make the Gypsy Wife quilt….  It’s something that I’d still love to do, but SewMamaSew recently announced the #DYOSampler quilt along (and also a … Continue reading

Birdy Quilt Design

bird quilt progress

After reviewing everyone’s comments from my post about coming up with a quilt design for the collage fabric I recently acquired, I came up with a design that I really like.  It will allow me to run the bird print … Continue reading

Designing a Quilt

collage bird print

I picked up some amazing fabrics last weekend, knowing that I wanted to make a quilt with them, but having no idea what I wanted that quilt to look like.  Why do I do this to myself? Because I had … Continue reading

Shiny Chevron Top Finished!

detail of shiny chevron quilt top

I’m so excited!  I got all the shiny chevron quilt  top done!  And I love, love, love, love, love the way it looks! I started with the interior section (the actual chevrons). The finished size of this section is approximately … Continue reading

Shiny HSTs Chevrons and an HST Tutorial

close-up of Shiny HST Block

Thanks to my attempt to avoid finishing the (not) Purdue quilt top last week, I got myself started on another – much smaller – project, using my fabrics with gold metallic ink.  For this project, I’m planning to use several … Continue reading

School Days HST Quilt

quilt with 1st border

I’ve been working on another small quilt recently, trying to use up some of my stash.   For this project I’m using the School Days Charm Pack by American Jane Patterns for Moda. I’m pairing the patterns with a dark blue … Continue reading

Still Going Crazy


With all the fun, exciting things going on in my life, I’ve been quite a slacker on all of my crafting and sewing projects, including my quilts.  Fortunately, when I went home last night, I started cleaning the basement, which … Continue reading

My Sewing Machine is Fixed

80-inch Circle

Yea!  I got a call from DavCo yesterday afternoon, and my sewing machine is fixed and ready to be picked up.  I’m pretty excited.  They are open until 5:30 this evening, so I may try to go down after work … Continue reading