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#DYOSampler Quilt Along: Designing the Layout


You may remember that I mentioned in my Quilting Bucket List, that I really wanted to make the Gypsy Wife quilt….  It’s something that I’d still love to do, but SewMamaSew recently announced the #DYOSampler quilt along (and also a … Continue reading

Birdy Quilt Design

bird quilt progress

After reviewing everyone’s comments from my post about coming up with a quilt design for the collage fabric I recently acquired, I came up with a design that I really like.  It will allow me to run the bird print … Continue reading

Designing a Quilt

collage bird print

I picked up some amazing fabrics last weekend, knowing that I wanted to make a quilt with them, but having no idea what I wanted that quilt to look like.  Why do I do this to myself? Because I had … Continue reading

Shiny Chevron Top Finished!

detail of shiny chevron quilt top

I’m so excited!  I got all the shiny chevron quilt  top done!  And I love, love, love, love, love the way it looks! I started with the interior section (the actual chevrons). The finished size of this section is approximately … Continue reading

Shiny HSTs Chevrons and an HST Tutorial

close-up of Shiny HST Block

Thanks to my attempt to avoid finishing the (not) Purdue quilt top last week, I got myself started on another – much smaller – project, using my fabrics with gold metallic ink.  For this project, I’m planning to use several … Continue reading