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Coffee Talk – Nerd Style

Welcome to Coffee Talk! If it’s you’re first time here, this is the place where I post about all sorts of things going on it my life, on the web, and around the world.  Grab your favorite morning beverage and join in the conversation. Nerd Style Have you noticed all the fabulous fashion choices for…

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Coffee Talk – Duck Tales

Welcome to Coffee Talk! Grab yourself a mocha latte and join in on the chat. Duck Tales There will be lots of fun duck tales in our very own Duckburg soon.  Ten happy little ducks arrived at our house on Thursday morning.   Because of the cold snap we’ve had this week, the cute fluffy…

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Star Trek: DS9 Print

My husband and I were watching an episode of Star Trek: DS9 the other night, and it inspired me to make a print. In the episode “Civil Defense,” Quark quotes the 75th Rule of Acquisition: Home is where the heart is, but the stars are made of latinum. I just knew I needed a beautiful…

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